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About Betsy

Sunrise during a Weekend Intensive in Saga, Japan

"Seimei is an invisible phenomenon that is of the non- physical world.
Seimei is in all people and things, so it is in this physical world
but not of it".

What are you waiting for? Experience the awesome power of YOU!

My Story

Born premature and toxic from medicaton's used prior to her premature birth, Betsy has been on a holistic path much of her adulthood to help with life long chronic issues such as Dysautonomia, dizziness, depression, bouts of sciatic pain, bulging disc in spine, adrenal fatigue, Epstein Barr, etc. Searching and experiencing many modalities for herself and her family, she was introduced to Seimei in 1995 and was stunned to experience such immediate, positive  results with out touching or manipulation of her body. This started her remarkable journey towards wellness and her deepening connection to self and Source. Betsy loves sharing this transformative work with others. As practitioners use their Seimei, symptoms of both the practitioner and client improve simultaneously. This is how one can change the trajectory of their life and empower your health and well-being while helping others.


Betsy has trained extensively with the top Directors in Japan, and with Kouken, Buddhist Hoju Monk and International Director for The Seimei Spiritual Foundation here in the US. Nationally insured and Certified Practitioner, currently a Level lV in 2018 and practitioner status since 1998. Betsy is an Instructor and serves as a member on the Board of The Seimei Spiritual Foundation in Boonton, NJ. Betsy travels frequently to New Jersey, and leads classes in South Glastonbury, CT to support members with foundational classes in preparation for Japan, and continuing education to deepen and strengthen skills, and clinics for the public. Betsy strives to maintain the purest form of practical application and teachings given by Japan and our Director, Kouken.

Betsy returned to Saga, Japan for her 12th Intensive during the summer of 2017

Graduated to Level lV Saga, Japan completing 5 additional trips to Japan by September 2018.

Celebrating 26 years of practice in 2023.

Betsy extends her Holistic practice to our four legged family members; cats, dogs and horses.
Insured by Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. 

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