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Meet Baker-this is how he feels after a session!

His Mom, Beth, has regular sessions for Baker to address symptoms she observes.

What do others say?

Betsy has touched countless lives: here some stories of Seimei in action:


"Baker and I have you to thank for our 9+ lives!  We could never convey the words to properly convey the breadth and depth of our gratitude! "

Beth and Baker

Astoria, NY

My beloved husband's end of life was eased greatly with Seimei. The hospice nurses were amazed that Basava didn't need any pain medication, which is usually the standard procedure for his advanced cancer. Such a blessing for him and his family to witness.

Nandini Weitzman

South Fallsburg, NY


"I wanted to thank you for accommodating Martina at the last minute. Martina suffered great discomfort and abdominal pain all day, and after her session with you she felt fine! Your abilities with Seimei are remarkable!" 

Brenda Hunkel

Broad Brook, CT



"After 15 years of chronic and acute health problems, requiring hospitalizations and many hours home on the sofa, I connected with Betsy. She has been peeling back the unhealthy layers of my health for over a year now. She has done great work with me! I am back to living life again, thanks to Betsy. More energy, less pain, relief from many specific symptoms! Even back to riding my horse again!! 

Barbara Grove

Hudson, OH


 "I was kicked so severely by my horse that it landed me several feet away on the ground. Betsy immediately started using Semiei on my back and took the pain away. I never bruised and felt amazingly calm after a trauma like that."

Maggie Mansfield

Montague, NY


"After a violent skiing injury, my doctor diagnosed a rotator cuff tear and suggested drugs and/or surgery. In just one session with Betsy, my arm felt better and within a week, I was 100% and playing basketball. Three years later and still no pain." 
Michael Lake 
Scottsdale, AR


"For over 10 years I had chronic sharp pain that went from my neck into my shoulder when I moved my arm in certain positions. After a few Seimei sessions the pain went away and never came back."

Mary Doolittle 
Edenville, NY


"One morning, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my neck. By evening, I could not walk or sit down as the pain was so intense. I immediately started daily Seimei sessions with Betsy, and by the third session. I was feeling like my old self."

Colleen D'Allessio

York Town Heights, NY


“During  high  school, I received regular Seimei sessions from my Mom. Among the many amazing changes I experienced, I was most happy about being able to function better in school. Seimei greatly improved my level of concentration, clarity of thought, and my memory skills. My migraines also decreased in frequency and severity.  Due to the results I consistently experienced, I learned Seimei too!”     

Heidi F.

Warwick, NY


I saw you (Betsy) yesterday at the Health Expo, and I wanted to tell you what an amazing (and I do mean amazing) change I have seen, literally overnight.  I had pneumonia, sinus and ear infections over the last 3 weeks (probably way longer for the sinus problem) and have been on antibiotics for 10 days so far.  My sinuses, however, were still so full I was dizzy.  Whatever you did yesterday started my sinuses draining, and they have been non-stop ever since.  For the first time in ages, I am not congested or dizzy or full of pressure.  Thank you so much!

 Terry Ziemba


"After one session for thyroid issues, my head felt lighter than it has in 20 years!"

 Albert V.                                                                                                     

Warwick, NY                                                                                                                     


"Late last summer my son Jake came down with an fever and a cough. I called his doctor and he recommended that x-rays be done. In the mean time I had asked Betsy to check Jake. She said he had something going on in the right lung that was resulting in the cough and fever.  We went ahead with getting the x-ray and it confirmed what Betsy had said, Jake had pneumonia in his right lung.  Betsy did a remote session and within hours the cough stopped, fever went down and within a few days Jake was back to himself. We were very thankful for the amazingly quick result. Thanks Betsy!" 
Therese Nathanson
Goshen, NY


"Betsy was wonderful in helping me with my carpal tunnel and migraine headaches due to the slipped discs in my neck.  After one session I felt considerably better and am happy to report that I have not had a migraine headache since.  The sensation in my hand is also back for the most part and have thankfully avoided surgery.  I would highly recommend Betsy, she is extremely knowledgeable, sincere and her work speaks for itself."   

 Aida Guzman 

Chester, NY


Since my second child birth I suffered from chronic sciatic pain. Frequent chiropractor visits did nothing to relive the pain. When my doctor recommended surgery I reached out to Betsy. I became pain-free for the first time in 10 years. No surgery, no drugs, no special exercises. As an added benefit my allergies cleared. WOW!
Barbara Anderson
Sloatsburg, NY


 For many the pain experienced after surgery is the most intense of their life. Seimei has consistently proven to reduce the pain and the recovery time of surgery by more than half.  After being assured by my doctor that my knee replacement surgery recovery would be 6 weeks. I had Seimei sessions with Betsy, and was up and pain-free in half that time. My doctor was impressed by my rapid recovery. 
Nandini Weitzman
South Fallsburg, NY

"Our beloved Beagle. Charlie, had chronic back pain. He did not eat or sleep well, and was in constant pain. Even on steroids and pain medications, he was still in great discomfort. After just one remote Seimei session, he was eating, drinking, moving without discomfort, and was wagging his tail. After his second session he is a different dog, active and greeting me at the door.  My whole family is thrilled with his vitality.
Mercedes Donahue
Port St Lucie, Fl

My cat Dicken’s had a mysterious weeping chest wound that was infected and did not respond to topical or oral antibiotics. We tried many different herbal and homeopathic remedies for many months with no change.  I contacted Betsy and she gave Dicken’s remote sessions. To our amazement, the wound closed up rapidly. The added bonus was that Dicken’s no longer “panted “ during our walks outside.   
Susan M.
Prince Edward Island, Canada


"Just had to tell you right away!  After you worked on Neil (our Maltese) remotely, we walked in the door at home and Neil comes running towards us.  His legs were bending more, he almost ran normal for the first time ever!    He is more alert.  We were giving him some snacks and when he bit it a piece of it broke off and flew about 2 feet away from him.  Normally, we can stand their pointing to it practically shoving it in front of his nose and he still doesn't see it.  This time I was sitting in a chair and I pointed to the piece, which was about 5 feet away from me and he was about 2' away.  He turned his head and went right to it.  He has more energy and is much more alert.  It's absolutely amazing!!!  He's actually running around like a puppy right now and definitely bending his legs more than he ever has.  Thank you so much!  Annie is speechless!  I think she was almost in tears because she was so happy for him. " 
Mary Doolittle,
Owner Nurtured Spirit


"One day, my older mare at the barn was beginning to choke which Betsy witnessed. She started using Seimei and in minutes, she was not choking and was eating normally. Usually the vet would need to come to the barn and insert a tube to help clear the esophagus and use medication to help her relax. It is hours before she is comfortable and out of danger. With Seimei, the results were immediate." 

Debbie Pallas

Port Jervis, NY

"My horse, Stormy, came in the barn for dinner and was very distressed. His neck had a swollen band around it and he was having difficulty breathing. We brought him outside, and luckily, Betsy was there. She did Seimei and we watched the swelling get smaller around his neck, and his breathing easier. Stormy actually hacked up a mucous ball, and afterwards was breathing easily and started to graze. The swelling was gone within a total of 5 minutes. We brought him in to observe him further and he was fine!  I don't know what would have happened if we had to wait for a Vet. I'm so happy Betsy is involved at our barn!"
Eileen Frangione
Westown, NY

 "I fell off my horse and landed square on my left shoulder.  While my shoulder did not pop out of the rotator cuff, it was very, very sore inside that area and around it.  No injury has ever hurt so much!!!  Seimei treatments relieved the pain and helped me continue to care for my horses and helped the injury heal much faster than it would have otherwise.  For example, before the first treatment, I could only lift my arm about 20 degrees up from my side.  After the first treatment, I could lift it 90 degrees to be horizontal.  I was amazed.  I had a treatment every 3-4 days for two weeks.  I recommend Seimei very highly.  I also look forward to having regular treatments as one would a massage." 
Jane Pipkin
Windsor SC

My 14 year old cat, Arie, caught a chill and became sick with a fever and was panting. Betsy gave him a session and he improved immediately. Within days, he was happier than he has been for awhile, even his mood improved!
Lynne S
Greenfield, MA


Betsy, Thank you so much for working on me. (Injury from a fall) Seimei is amazing and your work on me was miraculous!

Gloria C  
Phoenicia, NY

Sometimes in life, we meet people with incredible good. I wish to show my gratitude for Betsy Mailler. Without her help, I would be in a hospital right now. Only two hours after feeling like a disc in my back was nearly shattered, I am able to walk and move with so much ease. It's a miracle. Thank you forever, Betsy!

Sheryl Blumenthal

Author AKA "Little One"                      


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