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Transform your life...

Wellness with Seimei

Meet Betsy


For over 27 years, Betsy Mailler has helped countless numbers of people to experience Seimei, improving one's overall quality of life and well being with a powerful non touch, Japanese Art Form. 

Seimei can transform any discomfort, a system based on results, not a belief. Symptoms tell us something is out of balance, and Seimei has the unique ability to find the origins of the imbalance.


  Betsy will provide a complementary introduction, experience how amazing Seimei is for yourself.

Let the Magic begin!


Experience healing baths and Temple water, Meditations, Daily Chant, 

Lecture and Practical Applications, Festivals, Ovenight Stay at Seimei Temples, Sightseeing in Fukuoka, and Blessing Ceremonies.

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