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MaNi Power Charms

Introducing MaNi
"Wish-fulfilling Charms"



Hoju Daishonin

has provided another way for us to experience the power of Seimei, with MaNi Charms made in Japan.

MaNi is a sanskrit word meaning ones eternal precious jewel.  

For best results, sign up for a session and experience the power of MaNi yourself.

Peel, Place and Feel Better!

Attend a workshop:  Come and immerse yourself in an interactive, two hour workshop of intense, informative material to broaden one's knowledge and understanding of Seimei. This practical, hand’s on class is lead by Betsy. Workshops are  an experiential introduction to the many Actions of Seimei. All participants will have the opportunity to receive tangible results in their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental status. Included in the workshop are the natural laws of Seimei, history, changing the taste of beverages, integrating MaNi Power Charms for your life,  ending with a deep, relaxing meditation.