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Well being of mind, body and Seimei.....

Seimei, pronounced say-may, is a wellness/healing modality founded in Japan by Toshihisa Hiraki in 1947. Seimei is described as our vital Life-Force, and Hiraki devised a system to awaken this force in others, as well as a curriculum to teach anyone how to use this unique ability in themselves.

During a Seimei session, the practitioner never touches the client, but is continually clearing out toxins and viruses that create stagnation and the beginnings of dis-ease, pain and stress in their body. The body's healing ability is compromised by the accumulation of toxins we are exposed to daily, in our air, our food, and other poisons we ingest simply by living in an industrialized society and world. And whenever they are present, they lower our immunity and act as fuel for bacteria and viruses. Seimei helps clear out the systems and organs of the body.

When these toxins are pulled out of one's body as with Seimei, more energy can be used for healing rather than fight the harmful effects of this toxicity. Seimei works beautifully on both acute and chronic conditions, as well as emotional trauma and stress. 

The sessions tap into the infinite aspect of self, and as we become lighter, we feel better and become healthier by awakening our vital Life Force.

When Seimei is used to help acute or recent conditions, the results can be immediate and profound. Seimei is highly effective on chronic conditions, but as the body needs time to integrate its healing process, a series of sessions are necessary. The length of time may vary from approximately 45 minutes, and by the severity of the condition. 


Seimei is very effective for stress relief and overall well being, sports injuries, post operative pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, end of life comfort and pain relief, relieve nausea from medications, chronic back and neck pain, pain from trauma, easing of pain and giving comfort during the process of childbirth, hip and knee replacements, etc.  Any symptom can be relieved, however it may need to be addressed with a series of sessions if chronic.


​Can everyone learn Seimei?

Absolutely! While no special skills or talent is needed, one must be in reasonably good physical condition. This is best defined by being able to travel abroad (one amazing trip!) and attend classes regularly in the US.


How do I learn Seimei?

A beautiful empowerment ceremony is bestowed in Saga, Japan, which activates the Life Force of Seimei. This is the beginning of your Seimei being able to "move" and integrate the laws of its world (of no time, no space or no mass/energy) into our physical world that is of time, space and mass/energy.  Most everyone will immediately begin to feel sensations in their hands and experience results in various practical applications as you begin. As you use your Seimei and develop your sensitivity, the more fascinating and rewarding this journey becomes. 

After the 10 hours of instruction is completed in Japan at the Hojukai Temple, The Seimei Foundation conducts an additional fourty hours in Morristown, NJ or Santa Fe, NM, and Western Massachusetts. The schedule varies by location but usually over the course of one year. Classes strengthen and deepen your skills, learn advanced techniques, and share with other members their awesome experiences. 

Seimei practitioners enjoy using their Seimei for the benefits to their their own health, vitality and happiness as they share Seimei with others. As a practitioner uses their Seimei, their current physical symptoms dissipate simultaneously. 

Members of the Seimei Foundation are from a very diverse community, sharing this profound bond of this wondrous gift we courageously share with the world. Our family of members include engineers, teachers, physical therapists, nurses, chiropractors, yoga teachers, scientists, CPA's, Moms and individuals from all walks of life, religions and ages.

Seimei is not a belief system, it is based on the many Actions (Laws) of Seimei, RESULTS,  and learning to integrate these disciplines to empower and transform your life.


Members testimonials from one Temple meditation in Japan 

"Being in Hongendou is being in the womb of existence. A place where you are allowed to be who you are."                  
Jila Ansari

"There was no outside world: it was rather a state of pure and luminous consciousness in which I could rest and connect completely. The feeling was so inticing, alluring, intoxicating, completing, enveloping...it suffused my entire being and spread out beyond me, beyond spacetime."  
Marya Corneli

"Our descent down from the mountain was held in silence, an exchange of words was not necessary. The realization and magnitude held us in a state of bliss. Allowing us to be fully present with each other, a presence our Hoju understood."   
Debbie Rasbold