Mind, Body and Seimei.....

Seimei, pronounced say-may, is a non touch healing system and discipline founded in Japan by Toshihisa Hiraki in 1984.

Hiraki calls this unknown non-physical phenomenon within everything Seimei. It exists within everything physical (people, plants, animals, food, rocks, thought forms, etc.).There is nothing it does not exist within.​ Seimei's Founder names this life force " Seimei" or Awakened Buddha Nature.


Seimei actually exists, just like our physical body and we prove its existence through our daily practices and effecting positive change in physical reality; such as relieving discomfort and pain in others. Our body (and senses) abides by laws of time, space and mass/energy; you wouldn't try to bend your elbow beyond its natural movement or it may break. That is abiding by the laws of physical reality. Seimei is of no time, no space, no mass/energy and defies all 3D logic because its laws are of the Seimei world.

Hiraki Kaiso states; "For thousands of years, the human race has been trying to make the actions of Seimei their own, at the same time fearing this power. When the Earth is so contaminated and polluted, and epidemic diseases from unknown causes are running rampant, and the Earth is in crisis, the saving grace power that everyone is waiting for is right here inside of all of you. A power everyone can use no matter what kind of life they live. Everybody can use Seimei to create health and happiness in their life and succeed".

Please read the testimonial page to get a glimpse of this amazing aspect of ourselves. We have many ways to experience Seimei, the most common is a session to relieve pain/discomfort, and afterwards attending our Zoom program.

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How do I learn Seimei?

The power of Seimei (called Kibetsu) is bestowed in a beautiful empowerment transmission in Saga, Japan on the southern island of a Kyushu. Travel with us at a predetermined date (twice a year) to receive the power and start using the same day. Then come back to the United States and take the classes which show you how to apply the effective forms for various conditions, advanced applications and more. An exciting new world to discover!

We strongly encourage anyone interested in experiencing the many actions of Seimei to try a free introduction through pain/stress relief. Continue with joining our Zoom program daily or as often as you can with the guidance of the practitioner who introduced you, so you can understand the different aspects of the program. Daily testimonials from members and insight from our Hoju Monk, Kouken, will enhance your experience. From this point, many decide to attend the Kibetsu Juyo in Japan to empower their life.

Members of the Seimei Foundation are from a very diverse community, sharing this profound bond we courageously share with the world. 


Our family of members include engineers, teachers, physical therapists, nurses, chiropractors, yoga teachers, scientists, CPA's, Moms and Dads, and individuals from all walks of life, religions and ages.

Seimei is not a belief system, it is based on the many Actions (Laws) of Seimei, RESULTS, and learning to integrate these disciplines to empower and transform your life.


Members testimonials from one Temple meditation in Japan 

"Being in Hongendou is being in the womb of existence. A place where you are allowed to be who you are."                  
Jila Ansari

"There was no outside world: it was rather a state of pure and luminous consciousness in which I could rest and connect completely. The feeling was so inticing, alluring, intoxicating, completing, enveloping...it suffused my entire being and spread out beyond me, beyond spacetime."  
Marya Corneli

"Our descent down from the mountain was held in silence, an exchange of words was not necessary. The realization and magnitude held us in a state of bliss. Allowing us to be fully present with each other, a presence our Hoju understood."   
Debbie Rasbold